Monday, August 12, 2013

Lots of Lovin' and a little bit of playin'

So we have had a great summer, Tyler took school off for spring and summer so we have been lucky to just hang out everyday until he goes to work at 2:30.  Hayden is going to be so sad when he starts school again this fall.  Here are a few fun things from our summer!
 My Brother got home from his mission! 
 When I grow a foot or two I want to be just like you! 
 A little motorcycle riding on the grass!  Still has a little growing to do. 
 Spur of the moment Disneyland vacation!

 My sister got married! 
 The 4th of July 
 More Swimming 
 A little bit of 4-wheeling 
 Chopped off all my hair...
 Sick Kiddos (we all had the flu more than once) 
  A little visiting from Great Grandma Ward 
7 peaks...and much much more! 

We have had a great summer but we are ready to bring on the FALL.  This is my most favorite time of year!  

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